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My Personal Boyfriend Assists His Ex. Is it Incorrect to Feel Like I’m Being Used?

Reader Question:

My date nonetheless helps their ex financially and today he’s continuously searching porno. Will it be completely wrong to feel like i am simply getting used because the guy can’t get just what he wants?

-Julie S. Silverdale (Washington)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

You’ve asked two individual concerns here. For him encouraging his ex financially, I’m not sure if there are young ones included, a divorce decree, or if this is just him remaining affixed mentally. I would check out what the concept of this monetary service is actually and just what their end goal is wean this lady or perhaps not.

Are you aware that sex sites question, that is a big red-flag. Lots of dudes don’t understand that easy entry to pornography could make their particular brains come to be hooked on continual images of the latest and hot electronic fans, and it also makes it difficult to get sexual satisfaction in a long-lasting monogamous relationship.

I’d speak with him about his porn. Perform a little research that assist him recognize that pornography is a medicine like most additional that may cause dopamine rushes and also have an addictive quality.

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